Arranging the Funeral

Where will the Service be?

Where the funeral service is held is an important aspect of funeral planning.

You are welcome to use our Funeral Chapel.

If the person who has died was a member of a religious denomination, often the service will be held in their local church.

A funeral service can be held in the family home or any other setting that has a significance for the person who has died and their family.

When arranging a large funeral, families sometimes choose another venue appropriate to the large number of people likely to attend.

A catering lounge for a ‘cup of tea’ is seen as an important feature when selecting a venue. Our funeral director will be happy to discuss suitable options for you to consider, including the conveniently located Stringer Catering Lounge at Whitestone Funerals.

Our Chapel


We provide a modern chapel with easy access and extensive off-street parking for over 100 cars on-site. The chapel, set within a tranquil rural setting, can comfortably seat 180 and is equipped with great sound and audio visual systems. There is a spacious foyer area and outside covered areas with views to the gardens. Opening out to the sheltered gardens is Stringer Catering Lounge that provides a lovely atmosphere to share a ‘cup of tea’.

Westview Memorial Gardens, next to Whitestone Chapel, is a beautiful woodland setting and a lovely place to spend some time to sit and remember that special person. A variety of memorials are created by walls, gardens, trees, lawn, and edgings.

Whitestone Funerals Chapel

Cultural Awareness

The Oamaru and Otago region is home to many different cultures and religions. We have established strong relationships over many years with a wide range of community groups, so you can be assured that we will do everything we can to accommodate your own community practices and protocols.

Clergy or Celebrant

Whitestone Funerals can recommend a funeral celebrant or contact a member of the clergy to lead the service.

Funeral celebrants can provide a service that is appropriate to the needs and cultural beliefs of the family. We are able to recommend someone we feel is suitable for you.

If you are wishing to use a celebrant, you may find it helpful to meet with them before the person has died, if possible. In this way the celebrant has an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the person’s preferences in regard to the funeral service.

If you are a member of a religious denomination, your priest or minister is likely to be the obvious person to conduct the funeral service. You may wish to inform the priest or minister that a death has occurred. The funeral director makes contact with them to confirm the date and time of the funeral and maintains contact with them leading up to the funeral.

Funeral Timing

When to hold the funeral is entirely up to you. Some people believe three days after death is the correct timing; however, in law there is no set time. Given the many matters to consider in arranging a modern funeral, it is not uncommon for a funeral to be held five to seven days after death. If necessary it can be held still later to allow people coming from overseas to attend.

We can assure you it is far better not to rush the planning of a funeral. Allowing more time helps you to make clearer decisions. When people are rushed they may forget or overlook matters, leading to regrets afterwards.