Our People


As funeral directors we are honest and can be trusted.

We are caring and have integrity.

Whitestone Funerals values its reputation, appearance, facilities, training and qualifications.


Whitestone Funerals’ people value being impartial, observant, personal, punctual and accurate. We are patient, clean and well-groomed, empathetic, human, real and well-spoken. We enjoy problem-solving, attention to detail, being knowledgeable, decision-making, having good manners, and providing a personal experience.

Professionals and caring Funeral Directors

Whitestone Funerals team are passionate about their chosen careers. Our funeral directors and embalmers are all actively supported in achieving and maintaining their respective national qualifications. Collectively they represent many years of dedicated skills and experience. You can be assured that our funeral directors will bring their experience, knowledge and skills to support and assist your family through this most difficult of times.

At Whitestone Funerals we know that when a death of someone close occurs, it can be difficult to think clearly and make decisions. We are able to give clear, professional guidance and advice in all circumstances. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, our quiet care and our friendly nature.

Whitestone Funerals provides its funeral directors with excellent resources and facilities so that families we serve have a personal and meaningful funeral experience.

In addition, the company is a member of the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand Inc (FDANZ) and is therefore bound by the Code of Ethics and Conduct of this organisation. We also have a long involvement with the New Zealand Embalmers Association Inc.

Wsf Staff
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Lea Campbell

Manager & Funeral Director
Dip FD. Reg FD

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Peter Hamilton

Funeral Assistant & Mortuary Care

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Rose Gard

Funeral Director
Dip FD. Reg FD

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Mike van der Park

Funeral Assistant & Mortuary Care
Dip Embalming

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Lewis Wylie

Funeral Director & Mortuary Care
Nat. Cert Embalming

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Louise George


Membership of Professional Organisations of New Zealand


The Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand (FDANZ) is an association of funeral directing companies carrying out over 80% of funerals in New Zealand – a group of caring professionals who are committed to ensuring that the families they serve are receiving high quality service.

The absence of legislation governing the provision of funeral services means anyone can set up as a funeral director. There are people who do this without experience or training, appropriate vehicles, premises or the skills to provide care, support and the attention you and the deceased deserve.

However, you can depend on the integrity of an FDANZ funeral director. There is a minimum premises and facilities requirement that all FDANZ members must offer in order to deliver professional funeral services. Refer to www.fdanz.org.nz for further information.

Fdanz Logo


The New Zealand Embalmers Association (NZEA) is a group of like-minded, professional, qualified embalmers dedicated to the maintenance of the highest standards of professional conduct and ability. Only individuals who hold a recognised qualification in embalming practices are open to membership of NZEA. Membership ensures the strictest adherence to the association’s code of ethics and New Zealand law.

NZEA is committed to providing the most up-to-date technology the world has to offer in mortuary services, so that members can take these skills back to their provinces and offer them to the bereaved families they serve. The association is continuing to pressure the government for the recognition that the profession of embalming should be practised only by suitably qualified people. Refer to www.nzembalmers.org.nz for further information.